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Direct luggage transfer Porto - Santiago de Compostela

Direct luggage transfer service from Porto to Santiago de Compostela within 72 hours or with storage for a few days!

We do not authorize locators in luggage!

For reasons of violation of privacy and security of our vehicles/warehouses/drivers, the Luggage Driver does not authorize location control systems attached to the luggage.


Does Luggage Driver have a store to receive clients?

For now, Luggage Driver does not yet have a open store to the public. Visitors and clients should visit our website to obtain information and it is also possible to contact us by email or phone. To drop off/pickup bags, please use one of our partner points in Porto. For more information about these points, visit the "PICKUP/DELIVERY POINTS" page.

How long does it take to deliver a direct transfer service?

The delivery it's made within 72 hours or with storage for a few days. Pickups/deliveries on holidays and weekends may be possible, but only upon confirmation of availability.

Can I request a transport service without knowing the pickup/delivery location off my luggage/bike?

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons we cannot accept direct or stage-by-stage services without pickups/deliveries locations information.In some cities, we have partners points where the client can drop-off/pickup the luggage/bike.

I'm going to do the Camino de Santiago, can I request just one stage?

We do not accept detached services, only packs of stages.

Can a direct transfer be a stage?

No, direct transfers between two locations are considered for long distances, for example from Porto to Santiago de Compostela.

What information do I need to send to request a service?

Date when the luggage/bike is available and the customer's arrival date at the destination. Complete addresses of the pickup and delivery location(s) and the name of the reservation that will be used at these locations.We cannot accept services without this information.

In the case of stage by stage services, can I inform the destination addresses on the same day?

No, for logistical reasons we need to have all the information in advance.

Can the luggage and/or bicycle transfer service be executed anywhere?

Yes, as long as the client guarantees that the location is a hotel/hostel/accommodation with open reception from 09:00 to 19:00 (local time) and with access to vehicles.We do not perform services in apartments due the access difficulties. We do not perform services on upper floors or in rooms. ​

How the luggage / bikes are collected and delivered in locations?

We pickup and deliver in the receptions/entrances of the locations, on floor 0. We do not access the interior of the locations or deliver to the rooms.We do not perform services on upper floors or in rooms.For security reasons, a report is always completed by the driver and the person that give to us/receive the luggage/bike.

Is it possible to schedule a time to collect luggage / bike and to deliver luggage / bikes?

No, our luggage and bicycle transfer service is performed out for many clients and agencies simultaneously, it is not possible to schedule a time, as the scheduled times can easily be advanced or delayed due to various factors.Luggage/bicycles must always be available for collection at reception, at any time, from 9:00 am (local time).

Can I change the destination address?

Yes, but only in the case of direct transfers and if the luggage/bicycle has not yet been delivered (we deliver to the location a few days before the client's arrival, if he/she arrives earlier).

Does Luggage Driver inform my hotels/accommodations that my luggage/bike must be stored in order to carry out transfer services?

No, it is the client responsibility to inform every locations that this process will take place and that someone is needed at reception during the day, to be able to give to us and receive the client's luggage/bike.

Is it possible to request a passenger transfer service on the moment?

No, in this case we advise the client to call a local taxi.All of our services, including passenger transfers, must be requested in advance.

When must a service payment needs to be made?

Any service, to be considered scheduled, must be paid in full and in advance.

How do I pay for a service?

Through this website on the "Services" page and you can pay by Credit Card/VISA.You can also make payment via email, where we send a secure link for payment through the STRIPE billing platform.Through email you also have the option to pay by MB (we send reference data), in the case of Portuguese banks.

Do I need to create an account to purchase a service?

It is not necessary to create an account to purchase any service.

In the case of direct transfers, how do I know where my luggage/bike is?

To find out the status of a luggage/bike transfer, you can contact us by phone or send an email.We normally send an informative email when we do the pickup and delivery.

How should I prepare my luggage/bike for the pickup?

On your luggage, we recommend that you always use a padlock and leave an identification with the name of the reservation (this can be a bag tag or just leave it on a paper note). Use the same identification system on bicycles to avoid exchanges.At the first pickup we place a security seal (only in the case of direct transfers) and Luggage Driver bag tag with the name of the reservation.We always advise you to inform hotel/accommodation receptions that your luggage/bike will be collected/delivered by our company.

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