Know the service conditions and clarify all your doubts

Stage-by-stage Luggage and equipment transfer

For stage-by-stage luggage transfer, the service is only available as a package for the complete tour. It is not possible to order a single stage service;

Customer must ensure that all the pick-up and drop-off locations have an open reception and do accept the luggage delivery prior to the clients arrival;

Pick-up and drop-off scheduled time may vary depending on the tour you are doing. Please check this info at the specific conditions for the selected service;

Customer must ensure that all the luggage is ready for pick-up at the earliest hour present in the service conditions (usually 8AM or 9AM, local time);

All volumes to be transported are regarded as luggage: bags, backpacks, plastic bags and others;

All luggage items must be properly closed. Detached items are not allowed and will not be transported outside the bags, like shoes, coats or any other similar item;

All volumes must be properly tagged and have the client name and contact. For that Luggage Driver will offer id tags when delivering the bags after the first stage.

Luggage and bicycle direct transport

Bicycles will be transported with or without a box (boxing is up to the customer). Panniers transport is included as long as they are empty and properly attached to the bike;

Besides the panniers, the transport does not include any other object that may or may not be attached to the bicycle. For additional luggage transport please select the luggage transfer service together with the bike transfer service;

Deliveries, for the direct transport, will be completed until 7PM of the scheduled day and it isn't possible to schedule time;

In the event that the client can not be present in the delivery location, must ensure that someone accredited for the purpose is on site.

Passenger transfer

Pick-up location, date and time must be defined previously;

Passenger transport includes one suitcase up to 23kg per person. In the event that the client need to transport extra luggage or special sized luggage, Luggage Driver must be informed before reservation is completed;

For children transport, customer must inform previously their number and ages, and also if special seat is required.

Important Information

Customer must inform in advance all the destination hotels/accommodations that luggage and/or bicycles are goin to be sent in advance, ensuring that the reception is possible;

If Luggage Driver's access to luggage and / or bicycles is prevented at the time of collection, Luggage Driver will contact the customer and the service may not be performed, with no refund;

Luggage Driver is not responsible for lost items that are out of luggage, hanging on bicycles or because luggage is not properly closed;

So that we can guarantee availability, all services must be scheduled with minimum 2 days in advance of first service's date. For urgent requests please contact us before booking;

Any changes to the date, time and other details of a previously hired service must be requested as earlier as possible and are subject to availability. We will do our best to accommodate your needs;

In case of any information or urgent request, please prioritize contact by phone. Alternatively we have WhatsApp (+351 933083687).

Pickup / delivery Luggage Driver points

Discover our points for luggage and bicycles delivery's / pickup's, in Porto, Lisbon and Santiago de Compostela.

Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellation is free of charge when requested up to 48 hours before the day the service starts. The customer is always responsible for any reimbursement costs such as bank fees;

For services canceled less than 48 hours in advance, costs may vary depending on the type of service. The customer will be informed at the time of the cancellation request;

Customer must provide all relevant data for the service (addresses, accommodation identifications, opening hours) at least 48 hours before the scheduled date. In case of non-compliance with the 48-hour period, Luggage Driver reserves the right to cancel the reservation and partially refund the amount paid by the customer, deducting any administrative costs and resulting from the loss of other potential services;

Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided, and must inform Luggage Driver as soon as any eventual error is identified.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation so that we can assist you on your journey!

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